DBTest 2011 Workshop Overview

The DBTest workshops bring researchers and practitioners together to discuss key problems and ideas related to testing database systems. DBTest 2011 is the fourth workshop in the series.

The focus of the DBTtest workshops is techniques for measuring important properties of database systems, including performance, reliability, security, availability, and robustness. We define database systems broadly to include any systems that, like relational database management systems, must manage a subtantial amount of data on behalf of applications.

2011 Workshop Program

DBTest 2011 will feature a keynote presentation from Glenn Paulley. Glenn is a Director of Engineering at Sybase iAnywhere, where he manages the query processing development team. Check out his blog.

Eight papers have been accepted for presentation at this year's workshop. The list is here. Further details about the workship program are coming soon...

Specific Topics of Interest

Important Dates

Note: The paper submission deadline is 5:00pm Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).