Scottsdale, AZ, USA   May 20, 2012


Accepted Papers

Scaling Real-time Data Analytics in the Big Data Era: Novel Data Structures and Parallel Hardware to Rescue, Mohammad Sadoghi, University of Toronto, Canada

Data Quality and Integration in Collaborative Environments, Gregor Endler, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany

High Performance Spatial Query Processing for Large Scale Scientific Data, Ablimit Aji, Emory University, USA

An Adaptive Event Stream Processing Environment, Samujjwal Bhandari, Texas Tech University, USA

Dynamic Management of Resources and Workloads for DBMS in Cloud: A Control-theoretic Approach, Pengcheng Xiong, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Foundations of Regular Expressions in XML Schema Languages and SPARQL, Katja Losemann, Universität Bayreuth. Germany

Foundational Aspects of Semantic Web Optimization, Sebastian Skritek, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Holistic Indexing: Offline, Online and Adaptive Indexing in the Same Kernel, Eleni Petraki, CWI Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Linking Records In Dynamic World, Pei Li, University of Milan - Bicocca, Italy

Efficient Optimization and Processing for Distributed Monitoring and Control Applications, Mengmeng Liu, University of Pennsylvania, USA

RecDB: Towards DBMS Support for Online Recommender Systems, Mohamed Sarwat, University of Minnesota, USA

Clustering Techniques for Open Relation Extraction, Filipe Mesquita, University of Alberta, Canada