Scottsdale, AZ, USA  May 20, 2012

Call for submissions


The SIGMOD/PODS 2012 PhD Symposium will be a forum where PhD students will have an opportunity of presenting their research ideas, receiving feedback from and interacting with senior members of the community. The focus of the Symposium this year will be on mentorship and providing constructive feedback to the students. The members of the Program Committee have agreed to attend the Symposium, which will provide ample opportunity for discussions and feedback. Students whose submissions are accepted for presentation will be paired by a member of the PC for mentorship and one-on-one discussions. The workshop is co-located with SIGMOD/PODS 2012 and will take place on Sunday May 20th, 2012. 

We welcome submissions (5 pages in SIGMOD/PODS format) from PhD students at any stage of their PhD work. Since the focus of the Symposium is to provide feedback on the research, authors should not have received their Ph.D. degree nor submitted their thesis before the Symposium. Students who are in the very early stages of their studies should clearly specify the problem they plan to focus on, the thesis that they plan to investigate, and the outline of the methodology that they plan to follow. Students who are more advanced in their research should also specify the contributions they have made so far and what remains to be accomplished. 

SIGMOD Executive has committed a certain amount of funds to support student participation, including financial support for traveling and free conference registrations. The distribution of these funds will be adjudicated after the acceptance decisions are made. In addition, this year's SIGMOD conference itself has additional funds from NSF that US-based students can apply for, which will only be available for students who attend the Ph.D. symposium or SIGMOD's mentoring workshop.


Submissions must be single-authored by the student and should specify (a) the expected graduation date, and (b) the name of the supervisor under the author's name. Authors should prepare their submissions in PDF format typeset in SIGMOD/PODS style (maximum 5 pages) and upload it to the conference management system (


Submission deadline: February 23, 2012 (11:59pm PDT)
                                February 16, 2012 (11:59pm PDT)
Notification: March 18, 2012
Financial support decisions: March 30, 2012